Common Craft Videos

Included on thesel slides are some examples made by students in Dublin Schools. Here are some things to notice as you watch them.
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  1. Common Craft videos work best when there is a background. That defines the “stage.” The student holding the camera ensures that the entire stage is in the frame, and the movement coordinators ensure that the objects make it onto the stage.
  2. Common Craft videos work best when the objects are bold, outlined, and cut out. Do not laminate your objects or it will cause a glare.
  3. Common Craft videos embrace the hands! Use hands not just to move objects in and out, but also to gesture. Moving objects in and out can be creative - have a fish swim in, or a ball roll in….
  4. Common Craft videos can be used to share facts and information, or to tell a story. One example even uses Common Craft to illustrate the lyrics of a song!
  5. Common Craft videos are all about the planning, writing, thinking, and rehearsing. Spend time writing your script, defining roles of team members, making objects and backgrounds, and rehearsing. Filming happens in one take!


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